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Profile of Dr. Javaid Rahi

December 20, 2012

Profile of Dr. Javaid Rahi

Prolific Gojri writer and researcher columnist, tribal activist, and analyst of national repute, Dr. Javaid Rahi  is a prominent name in Social and Tribal circles of Jammu and Kashmir .

Born in Chandak village of district Poonch located on  Line of Control ( LOC) near Indo-Pak border, Dr. Rahi  did his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)  on ‘Tribal Languages of Jammu and Kashmir’ from University of Jammu, Jammu.He has played  a remarkable role in renaissance of Gojri language in  Jammu and Kashmir and revival of vibrant ethos, history and culture of Gujjars-a brave tribe of Indian sub-continent.

As a  Researcher, Historian and Poet of Gojri Language,  Dr. Javaid Rahi has authored 10 books in Gojri and edited more than 400 books, Journals, text books and  others in the  language during last two decades . He  has also edited works and compilations on different topics which  have been published by prestigious organizations of the state  such as Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, J&K State Board of School Education , Gurjardesh Charitable Trust Jammu, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation and other prestigious Government and non government bodies  of the State and the Country.

For his outstanding contributions in the field  of Gojri Literature Dr. Javaid Rahi has been awarded State’s highest literary award in 1999 by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. ,  in Gojri,  for his Research oriented book “LOOK VIRSO” .

He is also a  recipient of National Fellowship Award from Ministry of  Culture, Government of India   New Delhi in 2000 to undertake research on  Tribal and Nomadic communities of India , with special focus on Gujjars. Among other prestigious Awards,  he has also received Best Play-wright Award from Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, in 2000.He has also been awarded by a number of NGOs /VOs also awraded him with some of the important awards including a rob of honour from Haryana Gujjars Samaj.

He has also headed  various prestigious research projects including the high profile multi volume  project  “Encyclopedia of Himalayan Gujjars’(Hamalyai Gujjar Enclopedeo-Gojri) and Folk-Lore Dictionary of Gujjar Tribe (Gojri Luk Virasti Dictionary) , funded by Ministry of Culture , Government of India.

He has prepared Hindi-Gojri Dictionary  linking Gojri with National Language Hindi. His other prestigious Urdu and English  Publications  are “ Gujjar Shanakhat Ka Safar’ , “Jammu Kashmir Ke Qabail Aur unki Zubanein”, The Gujjar Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir ( English) , Gujjar Tarekh O Saqafat  and others.

Being Secretary of Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, a pioneer NGO working on tribes of India especially on Gujjars-Bakerwals , Dr. Rahi has done loadable work in the field of Tribal and Nomadic Heritage, Sociology and Economics. He has been  associated with various projects of studies , surveys , seminar and conferences being organized by various organizations including  Gurjardesh Charitable Trust Jammu. Under his stewardship they have  been able to brought out dozens of books in Gojri and Urdu besides organized hundreds  of Programmes in Tribal and Rural areas of the J&K State.

Dr. Javaid Rahi also remained Convener /Co-coordinator  of Gojri Chapter of J&K State Board of School Education and has prepared Gojri curriculum for induction  of this tribal Language in the schools of Jammu and Kashmir up to eighth stranded.

Has been member of the jury of Bhasha Samman in Gojri of National
Academy of letters ‘Sahitya Akademi’ Ministry of Culture Government of India , New Delhi, in 2002.

As a popular columnist has contributed more than 300 articles in English/Urdu/ Gojri on different shades of  Gujjar Cultural Heritage in various news papers.

Dr. Javaid Rahi is well known name  in cultural circles of Jammu and Kashmir . As a vibrant cultural activist He has conducted and organized more than 1000 high profile literary cum cultural meets  in various  areas of the state including border areas stretching from Teetwal, Tangdar and Keran in Kupwara, Uri in Baramulla, Khaneter and Chatral in Poonch and Budhil in Rajouri. He also organized more than fifty  provincial, state and national level conferences at Jammu and Srinagar.

He  also headed a Translation Project wherein   a number of prestigious books from English, Kashmiri,  Persian got rendred in Gojri language .These include Musnawi Moulana Rum by Moulana Jalal ud Din Rumi, My Experience with Truth by Gandhi Ji, Gulastan e-Sadi by Sadi Sheerazi Qisa e Chahar Darvesh Meer Amn, Tarekh Abin E Khuldoon, Othello , King-Lier Plays of Shakespeare and others.

Dr. Javaid Rahi has been a passionate advocate of  peace and non-violence  during last two decades of turmoil .He has raised voice at every forum in favour of  justice, civil libarties, freedom of expression, democracy and human rights.

He has been associated with Doordarshan, All India Radio,  various private TV Channels and has written five drama serials in Gojri on the tribal heritage. He also has anchored and presented more than one hundred interviews of luminaries of India working or associated with Tribal.

Has attended number of National, International Seminars, Conferences. His write-ups  regularly published in the reputed magazines  at National and International Level.

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